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Trade Gold

Gold become the king of all valuable metals in the market due to its high value. Trading Gold is a secure way to make money against the negative effects of economic crises. Itís true that XAUUSD is ideal hedge for financial market risks. In Forex Market, XAUUSD is the most traded metal. Here at XtreamForex you can trade Gold at lowest spread.

Why Trade

Goldís price is continuously on the move, due to a number of factors that affect levels of supply and demand. If gold supply drops and demand remains the same, its price will rise as demand outstrips supply. If demand drops but supply remains the same, goldís price will fall. Popularity in trading XAUUSD has increased enormously over the years and especially after the financial crisis of 2008 due to its low correlation with other commodities and its price compared to other currencies. Central Banks play a key role in Gold prices as they can limit Gold sales. Investors buy Gold when they look for a financial risk advantage as well as when they anticipate that market fear is increasing. Take advantage of XtreamForex Low spreads and trade XAUUSD.

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Factors Which Affect Gold Price

  • Supply
  • Inflation
  • Gold Production
  • Jewelry and Industry
  • Quantitative Easing
  • Value of the U.S Dollar
  • Government Reserves
  • Central Bank Instability
  • Interest Rates
  • Global Crisis